Torsten Schwalm

Modern Tilt Table Testing and Non-Invasive Monitoring
Foreword by R. A. Kenny

2006, paperback, 12 cm x 19 cm, 168 pages , 40 figures
ISBN 3-936072-47-7
price EUR 29,90 [D] / EUR 30,80 [A]

Tilt table testing, in combination with advanced non-invasive monitoring offers exciting insights into the physiology of cardiovascular function.

In addition to the traditional field of the diagnosis of syncope and unexplained faints, it is of emerging importance in modern cardiology, neurology and related disciplines.

This book is the first to explain the practical use of tilt table testing and upcoming indications for new non-invasive monitoring techniques. It gives a comprehensive review of the theoretical background and illustrates the practical use with a “hands-on” section, case-reports and important tools, including patient questionnaires and diagnostic algorithms. The appendix lists normal values and a large bibliography.

It is simply a must for all physicians dealing with cardiovascular diseases.

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