Peter A. Rinck

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
The Basic Textbook of the European Magnetic Resonance Forum

Atle Bjørnerud, Patricia de Francisco, Jürgen Hennig, Richard A. Jones, Jørn Kværnes, Robert N. Muller, Timothy E. Southon, and Geir Torheim

5th edition, including MR Image Expert, version 2.5 and Dynalize, version 1.0 Demo

2003, hardcover, 21 cm x 28 cm, 256 pages , 292 figures
ISBN 3-936072-12-4
price EUR 128,- [D] / EUR 131,60 [A]

This excellent primer by Peter Rinck (former Senior Research Associate at Lauterbur´s lab, Nobel Prize in Medicine 2003) addresses theory and applications of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and spectroscopy. It is targeted at medical students, residents, technologists, and clinicians seeking an introductory MR resource. As noted in the foreword, a comprehensive or exhaustive treatment of the subject was not attempted.

Nevertheless, remarkably little important material has been omitted, and, consequently, the editor and contributors have succeeded in their stated intention "to lead the readers to a fundamental understanding to be able to explore the details and new developments by themselves." Marvelous tools for achieving such understanding are provided by an accompanying software CD-ROM, which contains MR Image Expert, an imaging simulator, and Dynalize, a program that illustrates the analysis of dynamic MR studies.

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> Mit Spins, Larmorfrequenz und Präzession auf Du und Du (RöFo)
> Review of the fourth edition (European Radiology)
> The most lucid and best illustrated introductory MR text (Radiology)

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